As Tacer, we combine our expertness, knowledge, and experience of about 30 years in manufacturing with designs which cross the limits of imagination. We blend architectural perspective with aesthetic expectations, engineering with functional solutions, sustainable solutions to requirements of modern buildings and provide them for construction sector.

Technology is an application knowledge, which includes all of the machinery, instruments, devices, methods, etc. designed for the purpose of accumulating, auditing, processing, and transmitting the power and information. Technology, created by human intelligence, has overhauled the power of human, today.

All modern buildings constructed today need to have access to any and all elements they require immediately. We, TACER, provide the sector with all solutions they require thanks to our wide product range. We provide ceiling and wall systems needed by our customers in an aesthetic, functional, sustainable, and innovative approach.

In parallel with developing technology, we push the limits of design in order to meet requirements of construction sector, and add value to modern buildings, which play a key role in creation of the future. We work to contribute to general performance of structures and provide practical and aesthetic solutions with all systems which we design.

We, TACER, has continuously followed developments in technology and updated our knowledge and instruments in parallel with these developments. We have any and all technology which production process will require to materialize imagination into reality. We serve the sector with our technology, high brand quality and dynamic human resources of over 100 people. We provide for our employees any and all training in order to keep them aligned with technological developments.

We manufacture our systems in our modern facilities located in 3 different plants in Ankara without neglecting our considerations regarding the environment and a livable future. We aim at designing and manufacturing our systems so as to meet the highest performance expectations. In addition to fire resistance, seismic, acoustic, durability, and functional expectations the architectural and aesthetic expectations of customers are integral part of comfortable living areas.

We, TACER family, design your dreams into real life in order to leave a legacy of more beautiful and sustainable life to our country and next generations.

We, TACER family, combine human power and technology when manufacturing the systems required by sector in order to get perfect results and provide unconditional customer satisfaction.

We, TACER family, design your dreams into real life in order to leave a legacy of more beautiful and sustainable life to our country and next generations.


To become one of the global players in the industry of decorative acoustic building materials.

We aim to add value to our partners and clients by using our knowledge, talents and experiences and become a pioneer company in the industry by producing innovative products in our factories, each of which is equipped with modern technology.

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